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Private Mailboxes

Sizes and Prices

  • Corporate 2024

    $180.00 / 1 Year
    $100.00 / 6 Months

    6 Individual Users

    4 Companies

    $3.00 per Package

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  • Preferred 2024

    $120.00 / 1 Year
    $70.00 / 6 Months

    4 Individual Users

    2 Companies

    $3.00 per Package

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  • Premium

    $165.00 / 1 Year
    $95.00 / 6 Months

    4 Individual Users

    2 Companies

    $3.00 per Package

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More than 28 years of experience with EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE, EFFICIENCY, and VERY SECURE.

About Us

In 1979 The Back Porch Country Store was started by Emilio N. Jacaman as a retail outlet for Jacaman Gift Company. The Back Porch's charm comes from its original construction from recovered bricks, windows and flooring from old buildings that were being torn down in downtown Laredo.

In 1989, ten years after opening, the first set of mailboxes were added and The Back Porch began receiving mail and packages as well as providing packing and shipping services by USPS, UPS and FedEx, all of which are still offered today.


  • USPS Packages

  • All You Mail In One Place

  • Mail Receiving

  • We Can Storage Anything

  • Different Sizes of Mailboxes

  • Receiving Warehouse

  • Become a Member

  • Refrigerator

  • Personal or Company

  • Ample Space

  • Deer Antlers

  • FedEx

  • Ferrari

  • Forklift

  • Heavy Cargo


  • Indoor

  • Mail

  • Mailboxes

  • Monkeys

  • Our Location

  • Receiving

  • Rhinoceros

  • Safe

  • Tires

  • UPS

Testimonial from Our Customers

Euro-Latino Racing-Services

Euro-Latino Racing-Services

Working with Back Porch since 2008 now, and I need to say, that this company definitely is the best best best place to get your stuff shipped or to ship from.
EVERYBODY of the team is incredible professional and enthusiastic about their job, and up to today I got even smallest problems solved, even if UPS or DHL gave the team a hard time - a perfect follow up. Being German, I am used to "perfect" service, and being owner of a race car shop, we have tight schedules, so once again: This company is THE ONLY ONE in the United Stated which i met in 11 YEARS now, who absolutely takes responsibility and helps with any kind of improvisation to solve all kinds of problems.
Amazing, that you still can find this kind of team in our days in the US. It is a pleasure to be client here. THANK YOU !!!!!



Excelente servicio del equipo de The Back Porch Mail Center, estoy con ellos desde hace 6 años y ha sido de lo mejor el trato, ampliamente recomendable. En especial felicito a la Srita. Carmen por ofrecer tan buen servicio. Saludos

Fernando Gamboa

Fernando Gamboa

Excelente servicio a precios razonables ya tengo poco más de 4 años de cliente y sin problemas

Raymundo Ortega

Raymundo Ortega

Excelente servicio, personas muy profesionales y atentas.
Llevo un año con el servicio y me encanta.

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  • General Administration

    If you have any question about your Private Mailbox, your packages status or your membership. We are here to help you.

  • Customer Service

    Information about carriers arrival/pick up time, any kind of specification for your packages: safe box, refrigeration, pallet, etc.

  • Quoting

    Do you want to send your packages to Interior of Mexico, repack them to pick them up easely? Ask for quoting and your packages will be ready for your convinience.

  • Receiving

    At BPMC we are pleased to help you. Don't hesitate asking or reporting any situation about the services we offer you. Our staff are well trained to manage your items with professionalism.