The Back Porch Mail Center offers a wide array of services that are built to make your life easier

Private Mailboxes

Are you considering renting a Private Mailbox with The Back Porch Mail Center? Here are just a few of the benefits...

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Call in advance

All your merchandise would be waiting your arrival.

Never miss a delivery

Someone is always available to receive your packages for you.

We receive from all shipping carriers and freight companies

We are here to receive your purchases almost every day of the year.

Your own customer portal

Access your portal to manage your packages, require quotes, get notifications of your packages, make your payments, give authorizations, make shipments, make returns of your merchandise, and much more. All this from the comfort of your home or business.

Receive all your American mail and you favorite magazines anywhere in Mexico

Weekly shipments directly to our offices in Monterrey and from Monterrey for a charge to any part of the Republic.

Your own physical commercial street address

Having your own address in the US gives you access to receive all your purchases, have your own warehouse space, receive all your mail, and many more benefits.

Perfect location

Only 7 blocks away from bridge #2. Pretty accessible if you decide for any reason to pick up your own merchandise with ample parking.

Large warehouse space

Not only is it a warehouse space for all your purchases, but you also have air-conditioned warehouses, refrigeration space, and a safe for your high-value purchases.

We fit your needs

There is no minimum or maximum purchase. We can receive from a cell phone case to a car or pallets of merchandise.

Home delivery anywhere in Mexico

All your purchases at your footsteps, we take care of everything or you always have the option visit us and pick up your packages personally.


We partnerships with all US parcels.

Purchasing Advice

For any kind of help or advice BPMC will always be there to serve you.

Customer Service

Our qualified staff will always be ready to offer you the best customer service, whether you need a photo, inventory, invoice scan, return, shipping, etc., etc.

Forms of Payment

Choose the one that suits you best. We have all kinds of payment methods.

Return Service

We help you make your claim or return your purchase. We advise you in the process.

Sizes and Prices

  • Corporate 2024

    $180.00 / 1 Year
    $100.00 / 6 Months

    6 Individual Users

    4 Companies

    $3.00 per Package

    Rent Now

  • Preferred 2024

    $120.00 / 1 Year
    $70.00 / 6 Months

    4 Individual Users

    2 Companies

    $3.00 per Package

    Rent Now

  • Premium

    $165.00 / 1 Year
    $95.00 / 6 Months

    4 Individual Users

    2 Companies

    $3.00 per Package

    Rent Now

Occasional Customers

Do you want to receive your parcels sporadically?
This service is for those people who want to receive parcels sporadically. Since to receive mail and to obtain other services you are required to have the USPS form so that one can receive for you. That is the benefit of having your own private mailbox (PMB).


From anywhere in the world to your doorsteps

Wherever you find your merchandise you can count on our services. We have formed national and international relationships and alliances with merchants, suppliers, and distributors who specialize in the field.

At BPMC, we are at your disposal. With our services you can ship or receive in a personal or commercial way all kinds of merchandise in a simple, economic and safe way.

This could be done in 5 simpe steps:

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Select what you want to buy

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Ship it to our address in Laredo

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We will let you know once it gets here

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Authorize the shipment in your personalized customer portal

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DONE! Your package(s) will arrive within 1-3 business days


Minimum shipping $12 USD
Import tax from 14-17%
Management of overweight apply restrictions, to quote depending dimensions and weight
We issue invoice
Delivery time: From the day your packages arrive at our warehouse, 1-3 business days in MTY and 7 business days to the rest of the republic.


Envíos de sobres y paquetes a EE.UU.

  • BPMC con más de 29 años de experiencia en el ramo también te ofrece la posibilidad de realizar tus envíos de sobres o paquetes desde México a USA fácil y rápidamente, sin tramites complicados o costos elevados.
  • Con nosotros tienes la oportunidad de realizar tus envíos desde México hacia EE.UU. de manera fácil y sin tramites.
  • Contamos con servicio de Recolección en Monterrey, para otras ciudades recibimos los paquetes o sobres en nuestras oficinas.
  • Trabajamos con las todas las paqueterías en EE.UU. para asegurar la rápida entrega de tus paquetes o sobres.
  • Entrega de 2 a 3 días vía Terrestre o al día siguiente con envío Aéreo.

Packing & Shipping

We pack and ship anything, anywhere. Our experts will ship large items, freight items, valuables, and much more. BPMC is partner with preferred carriers to ensure safe, efficient commercial and residential delivery. We strive everyday to be your one-stop shipping store.

We determine the most effective delivery method based on the item, budget, destination, and timeframe. Next, we manage the process from drop off to delivery, including paperwork and manifests, clearances, tracking, and written confirmations. Contact BPMC for the following services:

Domestic shipping by air and ground

Small package, LTL, blanket wrap, specialty carriers, and break bulk

Freight shipping by air, and road

No weight or size limits

Real-time estimates

Confirmations and tracking


In addition to delivering your items, we can also handle your freight packaging needs including: Palletizing, Crating, Shrink-wrapping, Blanket wrap.

Other Services

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